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Exterminating Bed Bugs in Staten Island
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When it comes to dealing with bed bugs in Staten Island, Manhattan, and the surrounding boroughs, you can trust the team at A. Aardvark Pest Control Corp. Our team is interested in solving your bed bug problems. You can contact us to receive a free over-the-phone consultation today.

Bed Bugs in Staten Island NY

Bed bugs are notorious for the painful bites they cause. If you are suffering from a bedbug infestation, get in touch with our company when you need a bed bug exterminator in Staten Island. We utilize effective methods and equipment to eradicate bedbugs and prevent re-infestation, whether you live in a single-family home on the outskirts of the town or in a high-rise apartment building in the heart of the city.

If you have noticed signs of bedbugs in your home, get in touch with our Staten Island exterminators to schedule fast services. We can get your home back in livable condition quickly, so you do not have to live in uncomfortable situations for long.

What Are the Signs of a Bedbug Infestation?
Bedbugs are an unfortunately common occurrence in apartment buildings and houses in cities. They may inhabit your home before you move in or make their way inside on furniture, luggage, or other upholstered items. If you do have a bedbug infestation, it will be easy to determine based on the following telltale


Red, Itchy Bites in Clusters or Lines on Your Body
Uncomfortable, Itchy Bed
Bites on Exposed Body Parts Like Arms and Shoulders
Red or Orange Stains Near Corners and Edges of Bed
Strong, Musty Odor Similar to Wet Towel or Locker Room
Molted Bedbug Skins Left in Bed, Clothing, and Sheets
Bedbug Extermination for Houses and Apartments

reproduce rapidly and have the ability to travel in luggage, clothing, and furniture. They can also lie dormant in carpeting, making them a common occurrence in apartment buildings and rental homes. Whether you own a house or manage an apartment building, it’s important to treat bedbug infestations as soon as you notice the signs. Bedbugs generally do not transmit diseases, but their bites are painful and scratching them can lead to infection. In addition, prolonged pest infestations can lead to significant stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Maintain a Healthy and Comfortable Home

Nobody wants to sleep in a bedbug-infested home, but getting rid of bedbugs can be an intensive and difficult process that is better left to professionals. Our exterminators use a combination of heat-treating all possible surfaces, washing all fabrics, vacuuming every room, and using various chemicals and solutions to prevent future infestations.

By ensuring prompt and complete bedbug extermination, you’re able to keep your home comfortable and pest-free. Reach out today to schedule bedbug services with our skilled and dedicated team.


Contact us at 718.689.0389 or 917.920.3436 to schedule bedbug extermination, an inspection for termites in Staten Island, Ants, or other pests with our experienced pest exterminators. We’re proud to serve Staten Island, New York, as well as the surrounding areas.

A.Aardvark Pest Control Bedbug Treatments May Include...

-Bedbug treatments have a 3 month guarantee with our work

-We as a company also do offer one time treatments for bedbugs

-We also offer a Eco Friendly Plan for bedbugs that includes

*Integrated Pest Management, Heat Steamer, Hepa Vacuum and other alternative methods

-We treat Residential and Commercial accounts for bedbugs

-Our bedbug removal process includes a thorough inspection and treatment

-Very flexible price ranges