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Termite Control in Staten Island
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Termites can potentially cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home or business. You do not want to rely on just anyone to provide the necessary termite control to protect your investment. If you are looking for the best termite control in Staten Island, you can trust the team at A. Aardvark to assist you. Our business is proud to provide you with a free phone consultation for pest control in Staten Island.

Termite Control in Staten Island NY

Have you noticed piles of wood shavings around the edges of your walls or tiny holes near the base of your wooden furniture or walls? You may have a termite problem that needs to be handled immediately. Get in touch with our company for comprehensive services from our Staten Island exterminators. Whether you own a business or are looking for service in your home, our exterminators are able to keep your building protected from the damaging effects of termite infestation.

To schedule pest control and get 10% off your first service with our company, get in touch with us today. We handle most pests including termites, bedbugs, and ants.

What Types of Termites Are There?
Many people aren’t aware that there are numerous types of termites. There are more than five types of termites common throughout the United States, and our pest control company is capable of handling virtually every type of termite you may encounter. In the Staten Island area, the most common termite species you will find include:

Dampwood Termites – Thrive in Moist and Humid Buildings
Drywood Termites – Often Found in Attics, Do not Require Moisture
Subterranean Termites – Build Colonies in the Ground and Feed on Exposed Wood

Protect Your Home from Severe Damage
Over time, termites can cause significant damage to your home’s foundation, framework, flooring, and other vital wood parts such as furniture and roof materials. When left untreated, this damage can result in dangerous floor and roof collapses, electrical wiring damage, and insulation damage. By getting in touch with our termite control company as soon as you notice signs of infestation, you’re able to prevent costly damage. When termites damage the wood in a home, it often needs to be completely removed and replaced. The longer you wait to treat the infestation, the most expensive the repairs to your home and furniture will be.

Comprehensive Extermination and Prevention
During termite treatment, our pest control team may utilize a variety of methods to exterminate and prevent future termite infestations. The most effective method is to fumigate the entire property after tenting the building. This requires you to leave the building for one to three days, but the chemicals used penetrate every inch of your house to fully eliminate any termites or their colonies. Our pest control experts may also use various types of preventative chemicals, repellants, and baits in order to keep termites away.

Contact us at 718.689.0389 or 917.920.3436 when you’re in need of comprehensive and effective termite control, bed bug extermination or ants in Staten Island. We’re proud to serve Staten Island, New York, as well as the surrounding areas.

Termites Are Our Specialty

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